Hello, Welcome to my site, this is a place for me to share my baked creations as I work towards owning my own bakery one day.


About Me

Well as it states... the page is about me, in brief.


Where I am posting my stuff, OK?

Contact Me

Want to get in touch? I'll always try my best to reply to anyone... except spamBots, we don't serve their kind in here.

About The Site


I have set this site up as a place where I can talk about and share my pastry and bakery work.

Naturally I'll be changing and displaying different products, thoughts, and ideas related to bakery and being a chef as I go.

I hope you enjoy the site, I'll be updating it regularly, I may not share many recipes at first, but give me time as they are dear to me and it's hard to share them so openly. hehe


Sheldon Whittaker

Artisan Baker